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Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Please keep this for your records.


To avoid any surprises, please be sure to carefully review our policies and agreements. 

Booking Policy

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee my availability without a deposit. A 50% retainer deposit is required to secure the session date, and the remaining balance is due on the day of the shoot. Additional fees, such as overages, will be due 10-14 days before your images are delivered.  By paying your deposit, you are indicating your agreement with our terms.

All bookings will be held for 24 hours without a retainer deposit. You must complete your deposit within 24 hours to secure your booking.


Assistants & Staff Helpers

Candied Soul Photography has the right to allow additional photographers on location at no additional cost to the client for educational and training purposes.

Session Safety Guidelines

We aim to maximize the value of your investment by utilizing the entire scheduled time for your shoot. To prevent any unnecessary distractions and delays, please review the following:

  • No infants or other children not being serviced are allowed inside.

  • Only one additional person/assistant will be allowed in the session with you and they must wear a mask for the duration of the session.

  • Please bring your own beauty maintenance items (i.e. wipes, hairbrushes, lotion, etc.).

  • Please DO NOT bring confetti as a prop.

  • Please come dressed and ready to begin (although the studio will have a changing area, safely dressing or changing on location (outside) must be at your own discretion).

  • If you have any allergies (LIKE LATEX allergies) or health concerns, please inform the photographer beforehand to ensure a safe environment during the session.

  • Bring water to stay hydrated, especially if it's an outdoor shoot or in a studio with limited amenities.

  • Bring walking shoes (for outdoor sessions)

  • In case of an outdoor session, be prepared for weather conditions. Dress appropriately and bring necessary items like sunscreen or umbrellas.

  • Provide the photographer with emergency contact information in case of unforeseen circumstances. This is especially important for outdoor or remote locations.

Remember, focusing on you and safety is our priority, and communication with the photographer is key to a successful and secure photography experience.


Desired Scenes

The artistic design is at our discretion, and no specific shots, poses, or images are guaranteed.

Digital Images

You'll receive 15 digital images electronically through a password-protected webpage. Any extra images beyond the agreed amount are provided at our discretion.

It is not the intent of Candied Soul Photography  to deliver blurry, unusable, unstable or out-of-focus photos, although this MAY happen.  Candied Soul Photography reserves the right to remove any mis-delivered images from the client’s webpage or list of favorites at any time and without notification to the client.

On average, we generate approximately 150 digital images per session. Additional images beyond the agreed amount will result in an extra fee of $450 for the complete set.


We usually aim to provide a Photographer’s Favorite Sneak Peek within 3 business days after the session and deliver the final edited images within 7-14 business days after your chosen “favorites list” is completed and sent to your editor. However, I understand the importance of timely delivery, especially for such a significant event. If you have a specific date in mind for the final photos, please let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate. Rush orders may incur an additional fee.

Physical Prints

While your session includes a print release for personal printing, we recommend using our professional printers for the best results. You'll receive a high-quality, watermark-free image print for your home or office.

Print Release & Copyright Release, Posting & Sharing

It is understood that the images created during your session will be the sole property of Candied Soul Photography. We will provide a print release to the client for external printing purposes. Candied Soul Photography  will provide a full copyright release at the client’s request for an additional fee.  This release will allow the client to use the images for professional or business use.

All images are the property of Candied Soul Photography.  Digital images may also be duplicated and posted electronically to social media with appropriate credit granted to Candied Soul Photography.  

The client hereby grants permission for all images to be displayed and used by Candied Soul Photography for competition and advertising purposes.


Pricing Policy

The session price includes 15 fully edited, digital images delivered via a password-protected webpage within 7-14 business days after your chosen “favorites list” is completed and sent to your editor. Different pricing may apply during monthly specials or promotions.

Payment Policy

We accept cash or credit card via Cash App or Apple Pay 816-785-5042. Please note that there is an additional 3.5% service fee for paying with cash. We do not accept physical checks, eChecks, or money orders.

Cash Payments


WE DO NOT: Accept physical or eChecks. WE DO NOT: Arrange meetings for in-person, hand-to-hand transactions.  All cash deposits and/or payments must be handled through one of our supporting financial institutions:

Western Union: You will be provided with a list of locations and the information to make your deposit and/or payment.  The total payment must total the exact amount due.  We are not responsible for any service fees assessed by Western Union.

Visa Reloadable Card: Use a loadable Visa Card to make your online payment with us.  To add cash to a reloadable prepaid card, purchase a card from Walmart or Walgreens, then ask a clerk to add money directly to the card balance. The payment must total the exact amount due.  We are not responsible for any service fees assessed by Visa.  Use the card to make your online deposit.

Late Arrivals

The session must end at the scheduled time regardless of any delays.  Please arrive on time to avoid disruptions. If you're more than 30 minutes late, we will need to cancel and reschedule. We retain your deposit for one reschedule before any losses.  There will be a $100 rescheduling fee.


Avoid bringing additional individuals unless they are part of the photo project to ensure the allocated session time is maximized.


If the client decides to cancel their photography session the client will have the option to reschedule the photography session one (1) time before losing their deposit. IF THE CLIENT must RESCHEDULED A STUDIO SESSION THE RESCHEDULING FEE IS $100.  The client will receive a deposit credit that can be applied to a future event that will be available for six [6] months. If the client’s desired, reschedule-date is not available to the client or the client does not wish to reschedule immediately, the client will have six (6) months to reschedule, after which, the client’s deposit will not be honored.

If the client must cancel indefinitely due to any reason and the session fee has been paid partially or in full, the client will receive a 100% credit or refund of monies paid toward the session fee (not including the booking fee/deposit) AS LONG AS the cancellation is made thirty (30) days in advance. 

Notice of cancellations of less than fifteen (15), or fewer, days will result in only a 50% credit or refund of monies paid toward the session fee (not including the booking fee/deposit).  Any monies paid toward the booking fee/deposit is non-refundable. The decision to receive a credit or cash refund will be left to the client unless other circumstances are involved.



Refunds may take up to 15 days. Please read our cancellation policy section above.

Time Overages

Allowing additional time for the session will be up to our discretion, however, if more than the maximum time allotment is requested by the client in advance or required on the day of the session any overages will be charged at $175 per hour, ($87.50 for five [5] to thirty [30] minutes). This hourly amount will be broken down by thirty (30) minute increments with the final increment being rounded to the nearest half-hour. This overage fee will be due 10-14 days before image delivery.

CD Storage

We do not offer photo CDs. Instead, images are provided on a password-protected webpage. Jump drives are available for an extra fee of $15 each.



In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we will attempt to substitute a photographer at no cost.

Limitation of Liability

Our liability is limited to the refund of all money paid in case of failure to produce photographs due to reasons beyond our control.



If any provision is held invalid, the remaining provisions remain unaffected.

Hold Harmless

The Client holds (Candied Soul Photography) by Ionna Photography and Imaging, LLC harmless, except for per se negligence. The client understands and holds harmless for any equipment failure or artistic interpretation disagreements.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.


Updated: October 2023

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