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The Busy Bee Logo Identity Development & Product Mockups

Project type

Logo Identity Development & Product Mockups


April 2022

The Busy Bee logo design features a bee symbol created using the wifi icon. This represents the advanced technology used in the child monitoring system and the connectivity it provides to parents. The bee symbol also conveys the idea of a busy and active child, while the wifi icon symbolizes the real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities of the system. The logo is simple, easily recognizable, and effectively conveys the key aspects of The Busy Bee child monitoring system.

The Busy Bee is a child monitoring system that combines the use of a beacon and geofencing technology. The beacon is integrated into clothing that can be worn by the child and provides real-time location tracking through a connected mobile app. Geofencing allows parents to set up virtual boundaries around designated areas, such as their home or school, and receive notifications if the child enters or leaves those boundaries. This provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind for parents. The system is discreet, hidden in the clothing, and provides a convenient way for parents to monitor their child's safety.

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